From Reepicheeps diary
As i was looking through the fur coats i saw new politics arise.

Facts were no longer facts and truth ,as always, lay abandoned in the corner of the minds of people. 

There no longer was trustworthy news to tell, other than what leaders considered as truth and allowing only the press that ‘truth’ to tell. Using this new invented phrase “alternative facts.” 

Now what’s that suppose to mean. 

A fact is a fact in my view and 1 plus 1 still makes 2.

Well if you ask me it looks more like ‘propaganda’ and when that category comes in we all know from history where that will lead us to. 

As so many times happened in history tyrants do come in disguise. 

So i urge you all to keep watch and be prepared. For the freedom of speech you are having now , won’t be here for ever.

How peaceful and soothing it is to know the truth and trustworthiness of Aslan. 

I am still in His service and would give my tail for Him if needed be.

But , here i am, still observing mankind , from a distance, in this wardrobe, trough the fur coats.

And, by Aslan, how i enjoy it. Sometimes it makes me feel like a news reporter who discovers a story and wants to tell it to the public. 

But then finds himself bashing against a growing wall of rules and restrictions on what to bring out in the open and what not.

For now i will continue to stay on my post, keep guard and will address my impressions to the world by writing them down in my diary and publish them on this blog.

 I urge you all keep safe, stay alert …

Hail Aslan.

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