Man to woman


Man Woman
when these two come together
new life will emerge
 how strange that what God binds together
 is separated by the church
man itself in orthodoxy declines
Men Women
Seperate rooms
Separate halls
Seperate prayers
Separate roles
Separate tasks
everywhere in the roman catholic churches
the protestant churches
mosques or budhist temples
in almost every kind of religion
we see  division
. . .  of sexes
we see orthodoxy transform
what naturally belongs together
into right and wrong
i believe that Jesus sang
a complete different song.
Love one another, love one another!



Nasdaq is computerized

transaction destabilized

bits and bytes are lost this way

bankers  must have gone astray

Moral standards are not met

Only money hard to get
Achieve their  goal at what expence

No matter what the future holds

While saying:” sorry  no offence”

They keep  searching  for a heart of gold
Blinded by statistic stats

Addicted to percentage bets

Waiting for the final clash

Heading for the wallstreet crash

Mammon served at all costs

Never mind the tragedy

Corporate greed in all of us

The enemy is still within

Unstoppable Like sin.

Prayer for guidance

Dear father,If i ever loose my trust in life,If i ever doubt my talentsIf there will ever be a moment of distressAbout worldly matters like food,drink,money, or work.Please stay close to my heart, be swift and present in my mind with Your Spirit.Guide my senses, Lord, and help me to choose wisely, to act christlike and to obey this one command You gave us all to live by. Love one another.

I thank you God for this life, the joy it brings, the love i may share with both my son and my friends.Help me to overcome what tomorrow brings, i don’t know what the future holds but You do.It is in Your hands that i command my future.Let Your will be done, not mine.InJesus name i pray.Amen

Merging or Blending


water into wine
from digital vincent



Merging or blending

what’s the secret

where’s that hidden treasure

and why does the drinking of wine

comfort us and gives us pleasure


to merge  or to blend

the treasure i’ve looked where is it hidden

let us be open

and give up being backslidden


For my flesh is weak but His Spirit is willing

to blend with my life altogether

to merge into one single stream

and help me to climb Jacob’s ladder

directing  me to Heaven’s seams


just a glimpse of the utter and utmost Divinity

fading in like a  healing  sound

its volume increases as my sins are  suppressed

and in perfect  balance it makes me astound 


How well life can be

when His Spirit will merge

into this spirit of mine

it’s like the first wonder ever proclaimed 

when water was turned into wine


I fall on my knees

i stumble and pray

for this is majestic to me

God’s Spirit is willing

to blend into mine

Give praises to whom set me free



To be deaf due to a ear infection does not necessarily mean you don’t hear anything!
I mean from outside there is no incoming sounds but on the inside.
Constantly i hear swoos, bip,swoosh,bip and a constant shhshhshhshhshhshh.
That is a lot of noise ican say!
Both ears are leaking fluid, my eardrums both snapped last saturday aftera day of terrible earache.
All i hope for at the moment is that my hearing will return in a few days for this inner sound of silence is deafening as hell!


Making money with
someone else’s downfall
Making money with
some property that’s not your own
Like the moneymakers in the holy place
To the temple were a big disgrace
Shortsellers moneymakers of the modern times
Makes you look like a financial parasite
One day you’ll be driven out by a bloodstained israelite

God speed

Abusive pastors


The worldwide  news about children sexually abused by pastors of the roman catholic church is spreading.After so many years of deafening silence, finally there are some victims who  dare to speak.What they find is a church and a clerical institution that keeps it mouth shut. Still trying to hide things and sweep them  under the carpet.

Still standing in Gods way  and thus onstructing  true healing for these  abused children. Most of them will be grown up adults by now and must have been suffering so many years alone. Living with these secrets they didn’t dare to reveal up till now.It is a good thing to let the world know about the injustice done to you  by the representers of the church. What has happened to you is completely wrong and a sign of how power can be the leading impuls to do whatever one pleases to do.

We think that we’ve only see the beginning of what will turn out to be a huge iceberg with it greatest part still under the surface. So there must be much more to unveil.

In the mean time i hope that all churchleaders, the pope included, will be walking up front and be the first to recognize what went wrong in the organisation they represent and will be willing to acknowledge generously their mistakes and where possible will act accordingly. Punishing those quilty of charge and not let them get away with it.

The wrrld and above al God is waiting for you to take a stand for those hurt in the past!

Back to the roots

Back to the roots
Where it once begun
Writing in english
Hiding again
behind the son
Reveiling my thoughts
Opening up for the world
At the top of my lungs

Everybody wants to live forever
Let me tell you so do i
I ve been given time to say
Where you should draw a line
How to say a prayer
Jesus saves if you want him to
Be a solid rock that doesn’t roll

You may call me sinner
You may call me fool
You might here a prophet
But it’s up to you
To go back to the zoo
Or focus on the crosshairs
Of The spiritual gunmen
Hanging on a deadmans tree
Rusty nails through hands and feet
A crown of thorns Fit for a king
Wound in his side just let it bleed
Repent all your wrongs
Stand up for the poor
At the top of your lungs

Last night i saw the woman

Last night i saw the woman
She was wearing a crown of thorns
And i heard her cry
I don’t know why

Her back was all raw
From thirtynine lashes
And i heard her sigh

She had a deep wound in her side
She had nails driven through her hands
As i saw her dancing in the street
Blood was dripping out of her feet

But you can ‘t keep a good woman down
She will always stand up again
She’s the bearer of the tree of life
And she can make it rain

Last night i saw the woman
She was wearing a crown of thorns
And i saw her bleed
I saw her bleed

To my own surprise

I dreamed this dream tonight
People sitting together discussing their state of “savedness”
Like disciples asking the Lord wich one of them would be sitting at His right hand in heaven.
They were having the wrong discussion
They were asking the wrong question.
I joined in at the table and spoke out just like i felt.
To my own surpise I heard myself say

“The secret of finding true answers is not asking any questions .

To jesus
Lean in Him
And all things will come
according to His will
According His time
According His way
It,s what some might call